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Manastir Moraca Tailor

The Moraca Monastery is one of the most important Christian monuments in Montenegro. The monastery was built in the 13th century. It is one of the most pristine Christian buildings in this area...

Black Lake

This is the largest and most beautiful lake in Durmitor National Park. According to the legend, it is named after the monk's black hat after ... It is located around 2 hours drive from the coast.


Njegusi village is known as the place of birth of the Montenegrin royal dynasty Petrovic, but also by offering traditional food and wine and other products made by locals. On the way to the village you can enjoy panoramic drive over Boka Bay... The village is included in almost all our tours.

Lovcen Tailor

Lovcen is a National Park and a mountain near Kotor. From one of the peaks you can see the coast of Italy. At the foot of the mountain there is the village Njegusi and Cetinje town...

Tara Bridge

On the day of its construction, it was the largest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe and today it is one of the largest and most beautiful cultural and historical monuments in Montenegro. It is under the protection of UNESCO as part of the National Park Durmitor. It is about 90 minutes drive from Kotor and Budva.

Kolain Town Center Tailor

Kolasin town was built in the 17th century by the Turks. In the vicinity of the city there is a ski resort Bjelasica and from Kotor is about 150km away. Budva is 20 km closer...

Perast Kotor Tour

This is the only artificial built island in the Adriatic Sea. According to the legend, it was made by the inhabitants of Perast, after they found a picture of the Virgin Mary on one rock... It is a 20minutes drive from Kotor or 50minutes from Budva.


The Old Town of Kotor is a well preserved medieval urban environment typical of the towns built between the XII and XIV centuries.SInce 1979 Kotor is on the  UNESCO's list  as part of the World Natural and Historical Heritage Site... These years Kotor is one of two cruise ports in Montengro.

Zipline Tailor

This is the shortest Zip line in Montenegro, about 500 meters long. What makes him special is the view of Boka Bay and the altitude of 950 meters above sea level. It is located on the road to Njegusi village and Lovcen Mountain.

Zip Line Tara Tailor

This is one of the most beautiful Zip line locations in Europe. Durjdevica Tara Bridge and the Tara canyon from this perspective look like on a postcard. Simply, if you go to Durmitor, do not miss the opportunity for this adventure.


It was strategically interesting both to the Turks and to the Italians. Today this town offers small family wineries and access to the only Pelican habitat in Europe... The place is located about 90minutes drive from Kotor or an hour from Budva...

Jaz Beach In Budva Tailor

Jay plaza is every year host of the Sea Dance Festival. The concert on the beach was also held by Madonna and Roling Stonnes. This is the longest beach in the Budva Riviera...

Ada Bojana Tailor

The New York Times included Ada Bojana and Montenegro's South Coast in "Top Places to Go in 2010". This is a popular beach for camping as well as for sports such as winsurf and kitesurf

Virpazar Skadar Lake

Skadar lake is a birder's house, with more than 280 different species including the rare southern Dalmatian pelican and the pygmy cormorant. The villages around are an excellent choice for gastronomy and wine experience. It is 90 minutes drive from Kotor or 50 minutes from Budva and Bar but only 25 minutes from Podgorica city.

Zabljak3 Tailor

Zabljak is the center of winter tourism in Montenegro. It is located in the center of the oldest national park in Montenegro. From Kotor and Budva is about 3 hours drive...

Plavsko Jezero2 Tailor

This is just one of many glacial lakes in Montenegro. It is located at the foot of Mount Prokletije. Prokletije are one of the 5 National Parks of Montenegro. These years, it is very interesting for tourists...

Nijagarini Vodopadi Tailor

If you are in Podgorica this is an inevitable attraction of the city. Waterfall during the hottest days dries up, but it's the most beautiful in the spring. It is 20 minutes drive from the capital and about 90 minutes from Kotor

Rijeka Crnojevica

This picturesque place is popular for the family lunch of the citizens of Podgorica and Cetinje. It is very rich in history and lies on the shore of Skadar Lake and the river Crnojevica. It is located on 40 minutes drive from Budva or an hour from Kotor.

Stari Bar New Tailor

The Old Town of Bar offers monuments from the 11th and 17th centuries and the town's sightseeing tour can take up to two hours.The town hosts remains of aquaduct and over 240 buildings made of hewn stone... It is located about 50km from Budva and 70km from Kotor...

Becici Tailor

This beach was once proclaimed the most beautiful avalanche in Europe. Becici beach is popular both for locals and for tourists. It is located in the vicinity of Budva and 30 minutes drive from Kotor...

Ostrog Monastery

This is one of the most visited Christian places in the world. The monastery was built in a cliff at 900 meters above sea level. There are a few relics here, including the body of St. Basil, the saint with the healing powers. It is located 2 hours drive from the coast and only 40 minutes from Podgorica city.

UlcinjStarigrad Tailor

In the old books Ulcinj is mentioned at the beginning of the 5th Century BC. Built by Greeks and used by pirates offers interesting prices for all ages...

Godinje Tailor

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages around the Skadar Lake. This village is recommended in the Skadar Lake tour, for tasting local cuisine anad wine and brandy lovers. In the village lives about 50 people...

Lipa Cave

The Lipa cave is the largest cave in Montenegro. It offers almost 3 km passages and halls of the underground world. It is located near Cetinje, about 40 minutes drive from Budva and an hour from Kotor. 

Petrovac Fortess Tailor

Petrovac is known a family summer holiday resort. It is located in the Budva Riviera close to Sveti Stefan. The panorama of the city adorns two islands near the coast ...

20150721 Tara River Rafting 1 Tailor

This is one of the most popular adrenaline sports in Montenegro. The Tara canyon is the deepest in Europe and part of the rafting route. The water is so clear that it's called the Tear of Europe ...

Cetinje Tailor

Cetinje is well known as a city-museum. The town is the historical and cultural center of Montenegro. The city is halfway between Budva and Podgorica, about 50km from Kotor and only 15 km from Rijeka Crnojevica town... 

Praskavica Tailor

According to the legend, the monastery was founded in 1050. It is located between Budva and St. Stefan island, about 40 minutes drive from Kotor.


Podgorica is a modern city with nice small places for recreation and rest in the surrounding area. It is located near Rijeka Crnojevica, Kuckih planina, Niagara Falls, Skadar Lake and the river Moraca. It is only 7 km from the main airport of Montenegro...

Porto Montenegro Tailor

If you like to see expensive yachts, hotels or shopping, this is right please for you. It is located on a 20 minute drive from Kotor and 30 from Budva...

Kucke Planine Tailor

Kucke mountains are very popular area especially for residents of Podgorica. They are only an hour drive from the capital. Hunting, hiking, camping, walking, jeep safari or swimming in the lake are few of the possible activities in this part of Montenegro.

Budva Old Town Tour

Budva is the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro. The Old Town is from the 15th century or today's appearance is from the 17th century. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the region. He is included in almost all of our tours...

Canyon Of Moraca River 1 Tailor

Known as one of the symbols of the city of Podgorica, Moraca river is an attraction also due to one of the most dangerous roads in the world. On the coast there is the Moraca Monastery...

Savin Kuk Durmitor Montenegro Tailor

This is the most famous Durmitor's peak. A ski trail, a chair lift or a view of the National Park Durmitor and the town of Zabljak make this summit attractive both in summer and in winter.

Tara Tailor

This is Europe's deepest canyon. It is 82 km long and 1300 meters deep. Picturesque, with clean water like tears and a few waterfalls, this is a real attraction for nature lovers. The canyon is on the UNESCO's world heritage sites list. It is located about 90 minutes drive from the Montenegrin coast.

Sveti Stefan Montenegro1

The most famous place on the Montenegrin coast, only 15 km from Budva town and 35 from Kotor. The site was visited by many celebrities and Royal Families as well as world famous dictators...

Blue Cave

Famous for the iridescent blue that's reflected throughout the cave, the Blue Cave is one of Montenegro's most popular attractions. The cave is the largest of many caves both above and under the water on Lustica Peninsula. It’s called the Blue Cave because the way the light hits the sandy bottom and reflects up through the water makes the whole cave look blue.