This day tour involves visiting all the places of historical importance for Montenegro like Rijeka Crnojevica, Cetinje and Njegusi but on another side, we have some of the most popular sites in Montenegro, Budva Riviera and Kotor old town.

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However, during our gathering, we will make a lot of nice pictures and enjoy the beauty of the country dating back, in some regions, to the Middle Ages. This tour also provides the best experience of all the beautiful landscapes of Montenegro.

Boka Bay View From Njegusi Village

Let’s start this way...

Our first photo stop during this day trip is in Budva Riviera, above the Jaz beach. The Riviera, with the old town of Budva is the center of Montenegrin tourism and is known for its sandy beaches and nightlife.

Budva Old Town Tour From Kotor

The Old Town of Budva lies on a small peninsula and represents a treasure chest of cultural heritage. 

Then, we have a panoramic drive through the village Brajici, to the lookouts above the almost complete Riviera.

Panoramic Montenegro Tour

While driving towards the town of Rijeka Crnojevica we will discover amazing view of river Crnojevica and the region all way to the Skadar Lake. This panoramic roud is well known as a "Pavlova Strana". The view is like from the postcard.

Rijeka Crnojevica Via Pavlova Strana

Rijeka Crnojevica town is a picturesque place where like nowhere else we see an amazing connection between history and nature. 

Rijeka Crnojevica Skadar Lake Tour

From this small almost forgotten town, we're going to Cetinje, Old Royal Capital of Montenegro.

Cetinje, as the capital of the country over the past five centuries, was and remained a cultural and educational center of the Montenegrin state but due to a lot of monuments through, it is well known as a "city-museum".

Cetinje Town

Next place to visit is Njegusi village. As the rich history is not enough, this place attracts people even with its traditional cuisine characteristic of this region. 

Wine Tour Skadar Lake Tour

Beautiful views are always the most difficult to describe and how that barely manages many poets we'll just leave that part of the story as a surprise for you.

Back to Kotor via 25 serpentines provides a breathtaking and spectacular view of complete Boka bay.

Boka Bay Day Tour From Kotor

The Old Town of Kotor it's also known as a maze-town because of the intertwined streets and small Italian-like piazzas. Since 1979- the Kotor old town is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List which makes it one of the most unique towns in the world.

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