Fans of outdoors now have the opportunity to enjoy the most popular activities near the Kotor cruise port and the old town of Budva. Montenegro is a country ideal for canyoning, paragliding, kayaking, and many other activities.

Montenegro Adventure Tours From Kotor

You are very lucky to be visiting a country like Montenegro. A land where the sea and the mountains meet, it is easy to feel all the emperors of nature but stay close to the shore. In order to show you the often neglected north of Montenegro, we are finally ready to offer you a popular canyoning tour.

Canyoning Montenegro

Fun for all generations, children, adults, professionals but also beginners, everyone always has a great time here. We tried to include jumping, hiking and absailing \ repelling in this three-hour adventure. Rapids, green oases, natural pools and waterfalls will surely fill you with new fresh energy and our team is here to take care of your safety.

Montenegro Outdoor Tour

This tour starts at 10am but if you are part of a group of 4+ we will tailor the start of the tour to you. After this adventure tour the rest of the day depends only on your creativity. Paragliding above the Budva Riviera, some of the sightseeing tours, lunch in a nearby village and a rustic restaurant or just a return to the port / hotel is your decision.

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 Note: All of our tours are private, tailor-made tours. Please feel free to create your own tour or contact us for more inforamtions aboput other active tours. 

Note: The equipment has been inspected by an authorized service technician authorized by the Civil Aviation Agency. Canyon guides are licensed and years of experience.

 Private Skadar Lake Tour Montenegro