For those who want to feel the religious side of the Montenegrins and enjoy the panoramic drive with short photo stops and visit the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro in just one day, this tour is the right choice.

The tour begins with a panoramic ride through the Budva Riviera and a break for photos. On the way to the Old Royal Capital and the monastery of Cetinje, you can enjoy the natural beauty and see the remains of the fortress from the time when part of Montenegro was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In Cetinje, the city-museum, we will visit the monastery of Cetinje.

The monastery was built in the 17th century by Danilo Petrovic, bishop of the Petrovic dynasty. This is one of the most important Orthodox monasteries in Montenegro, rebuilt several times after the Turkish Empire attack on this old Montenegrin capital.

Here you will hear a story of historical significance for Montenegrins ...

Monastery Cetinje

After a short stay in this small unusual city, full of historic monuments, old embassies and beautiful monastery, the path continues to the Capital of Montenegro.

Podgorica, the capital, is seen from afar and announces the modern architecture of the 20th century. During the WWII, the city was bombarded more than 70 times due to which it was totally leveled with the ground.

Passing through the modern part of this industrial city, we will keep ourselves at the Temple of Christ's Resurrection.

Cathedral Podgorica City

The temple was built for 20 years and is one of the symbols of the city and certainly the pride of the citizens.

The background of the frescoes in the temple is gilded, and on the temple, among the 17 bells, there is the largest bell in the Balkans, heavy 11 tonnes…

After a while, we drive from Podgorica to Ostrog Monastery. During the panoramic drive towards the monastery, you will see typical villages of Montenegro and beautiful rivers. The closer we are to the hill, overlooking the mountains, you will see the beautiful monastery Ostrog into rocks.

Monastery Ostrog Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery is the most important Orthodox sacred place in Montenegro.

It consists of two parts - the Upper and Lower Monasteries. The Upper Monastery is located 900 meters above sea level.

In the Upper Monastery are kept Saint Basil of Ostrog’s relics. Saint Basil is the founder of the monastery.

St. Basil has healing powers, and believers from all over the world come here to pray for the health of their loved ones and their own.

Saint Basil has healing powers, and believers from all over the world come here to pray for the health of their loved ones and their own. This monastery was visited by more than 100,000 believers annually.

The monastery was established in the 17th century but renovated in the 20th century.

After visiting the Upper and Lower Monasteries and short breaks it is time to return.


- Meeting at the agreed place

- Panorama over the Budva Riviera with photo stop

- Visit the Cetinje monastery and a short tour of the city or free time

- Panoramic drive to Podgorica

- Visit the Temple of Christ's resurrection

- Panoramic drive to Ostrog monastery

- Visit Ostrog Monastery, Upper and Lower Monastery

- A short break for lunch - at your request, extra time is needed

- Return

Note: All of our tours are private, tailor-made tours. Please feel free to create your own tour.

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