The breathtaking and unique experience of Montenegro. Visiting Ostrog Monastery, one of the most visited Christian places in the world and Rijeka Crnojevica town in the most attractive part of Skadar Lake National Park.

The tour begins with a panoramic ride over one of the most beautiful bays on the planet - Boka Bay.

During the panoramic drive towards the monastery, you will be able to see some typical villages of Montenegro. The closer we are to the hill, overlooking the mountains, you will see the monastery Ostrog into rocks.

After we get to the Ostrog monastery you will have one-hour guiding tour with your guide. 

Monastery Ostrog Near Podgorica

Ostrog Monastery is the most important Orthodox sacred place in Montenegro.

It consists of two parts - the Upper and Lower Monasteries. 

In the Upper Monastery are kept Saint Basil of Ostrog’s relics. Saint Basil is the founder of the monastery.

Believers from all over the world come here to pray for the health of their loved ones and their own.

The monastery was established in the 17th century but renovated in the 20th century.

After visiting the Upper and Lower Monasteries and short breaks it is time to continue to our next stop.

The road that offers us amazing views lead us to Rijeka Crnojevica town.

Ostrog Monastery

Rijeka Crnojevica is a picturesque place where like nowhere else we see an amazing connection between history and nature.  The town was once the strongest market in this part of the Balkans but now its almost forgotten place in the most attractive part of Skadar Lake National Park. The wives of the river Crnojevica and Skadar Lake is not easy to describe but I am sure you can find your way to enjoy the photo and imagine real contacts with this wild breathtaking nature. 

Rijeka Crnojevica

This is the place where we suggest lunch, fish and local wine. Please let us know if you would like we to organize the lunch for you. 

The tour includes the Skadar Lake boat cruising of one hour. Your guide will be with you on the boat too.

Here we will give you to decide if you want to do some walking or hiking around the town, taking the pictures, enjoying nature, use your free time.

After the visiting Rijeka Crnojevica, we are going back to Kotor via Budva Riviera enjoying the panorama of the most attractive part of Montenegrin coast. 


- Meeting with the guide/driver

- Ride to Ostrog monastery over Boka Bay including one photo stop

- Visiting Ostrgo Monastery

- Drive to Rijeka Crnojevica

- One hour Skadar Lake National Park boat tour

- Time for lunch, walking or hiking (lunch is not included in the price)

- Panoramic drive over river Crnojevica and Budva Riviera return back to Kotor

Note: All of our tours are private, tailor-made tours. Please feel free to create your own tour.

Price list

1-2 persons   -  220€              4-5 persons   -  340€ 

 3 persons     -  250€              6 persons       - 360€

 7-8 persons   - 400€

* All prices are in total.

* For a group of over 8 persons, please contact us for pricing information. This will probably affect the duration of the tour.

* Agency reserve the right to increase or lower prices to the final booking.

Rijeka Crnojevica Via Pavlova Strana

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