This two-day tour is a great way to experience the magic of our wild nature.

With a beautiful scenic road through canyons of Moraca to the monastery Moraca, it will drive us up to one of the most beautiful National Parks, Biogradska Gora After this breathless National Park, we will continuer trip through the valley of Tara river to the monastery Dobrilovina and beautiful bridge Djurdjevica Tara.

Then, you have to be ready for Black Lake in Durmitor National Park, where you gonna have free time to fall in love with this place. Here you will be able to add some activities as jeep safari, hiking, riding horses.

During this two-day tours, the path through the Nikšić will lead us to the monastery Ostrog, visiting Upper and Lower monastery with an unforgettable view.  

Black Lake Tour

First-day itinerary:

Officially, our tour begins with a ride along the canyon of Moraca.

Moraca River is considered as one of the symbols of Podgorica, and it is the biggest river that flows through the city. It is featured on some flags and country symbols. Generally, the river flows southwards for some 113 km (70 mi), before entering into Lake Skadar.

Right after we pass Moraca Canyon we are coming to Monastery Moraca, which was built in XIII century. You will notice that this sacral place is surrounded like a medieval fortress. According to one legend, this Monastery was made of special yellow stone, which is found in the area very far from the place where the monastery actually is.

We continue our drive to the place you won't forget, National Park Biogradska Gora.

This is one of the last three virgin forests in Europe, and if we take a step further deeper into the depths of the mountain, we will find the most beautiful, the emerald colors of the beautiful Biograd Lake. In the clear lake water, all the beauty of the ancient forest is reflected, giving a blue-green color to almost transparent water, especially on the northern part of the coast, which is also called the Capricorn side.  This scene of nature will state you that you want to be trapped in the harmony of this nature.

After this magnificent place, we continue our drive through the valley of Tara river, to Zabljak city, the center of National Park Durmitor.

Tara river, the deepest canyon in Europe, will introduce unspoiled nature and a masterpiece of bridge building -  grandiose bridge Djurdjevica Tara, perched on a canyon over 150 feet deep, which offers a unique view of the Tara River Canyon and leaves no one indifferent.
During WWII a part of the bridge was destroyed to slow the progress of the invaders. The bridge was reconstructed and re-operational in 1946.

Note: We are suggesting you a zip-line as the additional activity. This is a great opportunity to encounter the world’s second deepest canyon with Montenegro’s longest and best zip line.

Near the bridge is Monastery Dobrilovina which we will visit as one of the 'must see spots' in this area.

After a while, we will continue to Zabljak.
Zabljak is a small town on the highest altitude of Balkan Penninsula. It is located at the altitude of 1456 m right in the heart of Durmitor mountain and in the middle of Durmitor National Park.

Overnight at a hotel.

Note: Before booking this tour, our team will assist you in choosing a hotel and service you want.

Zipline Tara Canyon

Second-day itinerary:

After breakfast, we are going to Black Lake - a symbol of the mountain Durmitor

Durmitor is the largest National Park in Montenegro, declared as the National park in 1952, and since 1980 is on the UNESCO list of the world natural and cultural heritage.

Black Lake is only one of many lakes in this National park. The lake is well known as „mountain eyes of Montenegro“ The lakes are connected by a narrow strait that dries up during the summer, creating two separate bodies of water. Untouched nature that is unique in every way, leaves nobody indifferent. This is the place for walking around the lake through nature and spent some time with yourself or with your dear friends and family. Walking trail is waiting for you.

On your request, we could add some activities here such as hiking, horse riding,  safari jeep or ski-lift to the Savin Kuk pick.

 Horse riding- Enjoy in diverse landscapes of our county from the best perspective, visit cultural heritage and learn something about different traditions of the local population.

Jeep safari- We drive to visit highest villages in Balkan from where you will see Black Lake, Bobotov Kuk and beautiful landscape.

Zabljak is a perfect place for activities like this, on fresh air and wild nature which will leave you breathless.

Durmitor National Park

From Zabljak, the road will lead us to Monastery Ostrog.

Ostrog Monastery is the most important Orthodox sacred place in Montenegro, situated against an almost vertical background, high up in the large rock of Ostroška Greda, in Montenegro. It is dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog, who was buried here. It consists of two parts - the Upper and Lower Monasteries.

Ostrog Monastery

In the Upper, Monastery are kept Saint Basil of Ostrog’s relics. Saint Basil is the founder of the monastery From the monastery, a super view of the Bjelopavlići plain can be seen. Believers from all over the world come here to pray for the health of their loved ones and their own. The monastery was established in the 17th century but renovated in the 20th century.

Aft starting positioner visiting the Upper and Lower Monasteries and a short break, it is time to go back to the starting position.

Tara Montenegro


Day 1:

-Meeting with the guide/driver, photo stops during a scenic drive through canyon Moraca

-visit Monastery Moraca,

-visiting National Park Biogradska Gora,

-driving near  along Tara river canyon,

- optional activity : zip-line

-photo stops during the drive,

-visiting Monastery Dobrilovina,

 -photo stop and short visit of  Djurdjevica Tara bridge,

-drive to Zabljak and overnight in a hotel

Day 2 :

-Visit Black Lake, part of National park of Durmitor,

-walking around the lake and free time in nature for yourself

-optional activities as jeep safari, hiking, horse riding, ski-lift

- visiting Monastery Ostrog, Upper and Lower monastery

- short break

- traveling back to the starting position 

Note: All of our tours are private, tailor-made tours. Please feel free to create your own tour.

Northern Mne Tour

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